Our debut album "On The Way" is finished! It's soulful music that combines elements of folk, blues, jazz, and gospel. The lyrics are spiritual yet progressive, philosophical yet earthy, and realistic yet hopeful. The topics include: enjoying the sacredness of daily life, finding hope in difficult times, celebrating the beauty of the earth, exploring the Garden of Eden story, marching toward victory in the battle against breast cancer, etc. There are even two familiar hymn tunes with completely re-imagined lyrics. This album features 15 spiritual songs that are fresh, emergent, incarnational, postmodern, and even a little subversive (in a Jesusy way). It's music that would be as powerful on an iPod as in a worship service.

Here's what others are saying:

"Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these! These songs deserve to be heard and enjoyed widely!" - Brian McLaren

"On occasion I find music with depth, sensitivity, and faith. Sara does just that. It is good to know bringing God into a song is not always accompanied by shallow reflection and syncopation!" - Tripp Fuller

"Sara Kay sings with mind, heart, and soul. It's rousing, emergent music for an emerging church!" - Philip Clayton

"Wonderful stuff! Sara's music invites a depth of spirituality with imagination, color and story." - Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

"Sara Kay's music uplifts and transforms. It is mystical and missional. As I heard Sara's music, I was reminded of the work of Carrie Newcomer, another transformational singer-song writer. This music inspires emergent imaginations and progressive visions and invites us to experience incarnation in ordinary events." - Bruce Epperly

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Click on the links below to read the lyrics and stories behind the music:

Share in the Feast

Psalm 23

God Is Here

Mask Of God

Ephphatha (Be Open)

Source Of Life (Lord's Prayer)

Holy Gardener

Mary's Song

Victory (Psalm 3)

Of Lament and Hope

We Move

Eve's Fruit 

Hard Times 

I Believe in the Resurrection


Ode To Lillehammer