Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mile-By-Mile Journal of the 15 Mile Run

Just in case anyone wants to read my internal dialogue from my 15 mile run, here are my thoughts:

1 - I'm stiff. Maybe I shouldn't do this.
2 -  Okay, I feel much better.
3 - Three miles already. I totally got this.
4 - Here come the hills.
5 - I'm way too tired for this early in the run. Obviously I need to get better at hills.
6 - Woohoo, I got a sub-60 minute 10K!
7 - This is about half way. Time for some celebratory GU.
8 - Did that bank sign say it was 68 degrees already? Now I feel hot. Dang sign.
9 - I have to pee. Really bad. Where is the next public restroom?
10 - Double digits! Feelin' happy.
11 - Double digits. What have I gotten myself into?
12 - Almost a half marathon. Gotta keep going.
13 - Just two miles left. Can't stop now.
14 - My joints and ligaments hurt. I really hope I don't get injured again. Running sucks.
15 - One. Foot. In. Front. Of. The. Other.

I did it! It's definitely time for a shower. Plus Advil and ice. This is the good kind of pain, right?! Running rocks!

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