Sunday, June 29, 2014

Prayer for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Gracious God, we pray for people who have been punched in the face by their spouse. Who have been violently pushed up against a wall. Who have been slapped across the face. Who have been brutally tackled to the ground. Who have been hit by a beer bottle. Who have been viciously choked. Who have been repeatedly kicked in the stomach. Who have been bitten during an angry fit. Who have been harshly elbowed as a reminder to keep quiet.  Who have been threatened with future violence if they report any past violence. And so many others. Help those who are survivors of physical abuse to find healing, liberation, and confidence. Help those who cause physical abuse to find the help they need to stop the violence. And help us all to foster greater peace in our homes, neighborhoods, and nations. Amen.

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