Thursday, June 27, 2013

Liturgy of Pride / Coming Out

Loving God, as Eve and Adam came out of the earth, 
We come out!

As the people of Israel came out of slavery into freedom,
We come out!

As the exiled Israelites came out of Babylon and back to their home,
We come out!

As the prophets came out of the ordinary to point to the extraordinary,
We come out!

As Lazarus came out of the tomb to continue his life, 
We come out!

As Jesus came out of death into new life,
We come out!

We come out of our deserts into the garden, 
We come out of the darkness of closets of all sorts into the light of new life,

We come out of exile into our homes, 
We come out of pain caused by religion into healing inspired by God
We come out of denial into embrace,
We come out of mere tolerance into full affirmation.
We name ourselves as God’s beloved transgender, bisexual, gay, lesbian, and heterosexual children! 
Each of us is brought out of our various closets to reveal God’s love to the world as saints of the Church.

Blessed be the God who has made us in God's holy and sacred image! 
Blessed be the God who continues to call us further and further out! Amen!

Source: The Courage to Love by Geoffrey Duncan (adapted by Brian)

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