Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Album: To The Tune of a Welcoming God

I (Sara) am working on a new album! It's a collection of familiar hymn tunes with completely re-imagined lyrics by author David Weiss. The songs give voice to spirituality, justice, and inclusivity. The lyrics can be read here. The album will be available in the Spring of 2013. Here is what others are saying about the project:

"David Weiss has created a resource that yokes familiar hymns to his own original texts. Interpreted through Sara Kay’s clear and beautiful singing, these hymns offer a passionate voice of justice and inclusivity to Christian communities. The very recognizable tunes will make these pieces easy to introduce to congregations. In this collection we experience texts that broaden the circle of our vision and challenge us to a more complete vision of God’s reign. We will never cease to need such texts." - Marty Haugen, Composer of Liturgical Music, GIA Music
"These fifteen hymn texts make clear the universal scope of David Weiss’ interests, his biblical knowledge as a theologian, his poetic imagination as a writer, and his passion for justice as a prophetic activist. Singing these hymns myself, following along with the CD recording, and listening to the haunting clarity of Sara Kay’s solo voice, I came to appreciate fully what David Weiss has created. Not thinking the faith, or speaking the faith, or writing books about faith, all of which have been my lot, but singing the faith—that is the surest way to be caught up in what it means to follow in the Way set before us by the life of Jesus." - Lee Snook, Professor Emeritus, Systematic Theology, Luther Seminary
"These beautiful hymns are a gift to progressive congregations who long for music that expresses their deepest values: the love of a welcoming and gracious God, the dream of a better world to be born, and the hunger for justice that draws us near to God and neighbor. By combining familiar, diverse, and treasured tunes of the church with lyrics that maintain theological integrity at every turn, David Weiss has given progressives a much-needed resource that will benefit the church for years to come." - Phil Snider, pastor, activist, and author

"David Weiss and Sara Kay's intention is clear: to seed the church with grace. David's ministry of celebrating people of all orientations comes through loud and clear in his texts. Consider this recording a demo for your congregation's leaders as they lead open-hearted worship." - Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, Composer of Liturgical Music,

"This is an exceptional project that welcomes the world to a God who is bigger than we imagine!" - Joretta Marshall, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Brite Divinity School  

"It’s always fun to see what happens when a talented wordsmith breathes new life into old tunes with fresh language, images, and ideas. David Weiss is a gifted poet and a wonderfully inclusive theologian. 'To the Tune of a Welcoming God' will be a helpful resource for pastors and congregations who are looking for expansive language and theology to fit the melodies that have been part of the Church’s life for generations. Sara Kay does a nice job with her vocals of helping us to hear David’s words and to listen for the Word beyond the words. My favorite is track #6, 'Now the Welcome' - very skillful use of inner rhyme and fine lyric-craft." - Bryan Sirchio, singer/songwriter,

"This collection of new hymn lyrics is just the kind of grassroots creativity that other progressive Christians would do well to imitate. New images for a new era." - Christopher Grundy, Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship, Eden Theological Seminary

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