Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nature of God

The nature of God is a mystery. But if I were to make an educated guess (i.e. imaginative construction) about God's nature, I would say the following:

1. God is like Jesus, not like Caesar.

2. God is powerful, not tyrannical.

3. God is persuasive, not coercive.

4. God is loving, not forbidding.

5. God is collaborative, not independent.

6. God is affected, not aloof.

7. God is responsive, not intractable.

8. God is active, not stagnant.

9. God is creative, not stale.

10. God is present, not distant.

11. God is liberating, not oppressive.

12. God is transformative, not binding.

13. God is healing, not harmful.

14. God is inclusive, not exclusive.

15. God is just, not capricious.

16. God is empowering, not diminishing.

17. God is revealing, not concealed.

18. God is connected, not disjointed.

19. God is everything, not nothing.

20. God is expansive, not definitive.


  1. I love this! A wonderful affirmation within the mystery of the divine!

  2. Some excellent constructive/apophatic theology you've got here!