Saturday, June 30, 2012

EPIC: Eucharistic Prayers for Inclusive Communities

In 2008, I wrote two Communion/Eucharist liturgies that made the rounds. Well, it made the rounds in progressive circles. The point isn't the rounds. The point is the liturgies! One liturgy focused on a non-violent atonement and the other focused on the ministry of women. They were initially used for worship in the chapel of Eden Theological Seminary. Then, after I posted them online, I got notes from a variety of people who used these liturgies in churches around the US. One woman said: "Your liturgies blow away the dust of centuries and breathe new life into our most sacred times." Plus, I was invited to have the liturgies included in an exciting book called "Eucharistic Liturgies for Inclusive Communities." The book is an edited volume that includes a variety of authors. They all focus on different themes and special occasions. The biggest benefit of the book is that it offers Communion/Eucharist liturgies from a wide variety of perspectives. If you want new liturgies, progressive theology, inclusive language, fresh images of God, etc., then you will enjoy this collection. It's a beautiful book and I am honored to be a part of it. Since it's publication, a second volume has been released that focuses on the major themes in the liturgical year. This project offers refreshing liturgies at a time of great thirst for progressive resources. Click here for more info.

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