Sunday, March 4, 2012

To Make Gentle, A Bruised World

Peggy Way, the author of Created By God, wrote this excellent prayerful poem about spiritual leadership:

Our God,
We are simply asked,
As if it were easy,
To make gentle a whole bruised world,
To tame its savageness;
And how can we tame savageness
Without stepping into the den of the lion?

To be compassionate of all,
Even those people who do not collapse
Into what we want them to be,
To be compassionate of all,
Including ourselves
And, even sometimes, God, our families.

And then in the time left over
From this tremendous calling,
At the junctures of history,
Bringing words of grace and dignity
And hope
And holding on to the vision
In the midst of history;

To repeat the ancient tale
Rooted in it
As the source that defines us
As a people
In our places
With the perspective
To repeat that ancient tale

And go the way of God's foolish ones,
Your foolish ones,
Fools for Christ
And not just damned fools,
Fools with a message
To offer to the people
Who come by seeking after us.

Speak to them of truth,
Speak to them of justice,
Speak to them of care,
Speak to them of meaning in history
And not only to speak to them in words
But to touch them and show them the way.

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