Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mary's Song (The Magnificat)

We wrote the song "Mary's Song (The Magnificat)" based on Luke 1:46-55. We figured that Scripture entitled "Song of Mary" really ought to be an actual song, so we took the text and put it to music. They are powerful, prophetic words that deserve to be in a song. We'd like to think that if Mary was an indie folk artist, her song would have sounded like this one! Not sure. In any case, have a happy Advent.

Click here to listen to or download the song. It's free during the month of December.

"Mary's Song (The Magnificat)"

And Mary said,
My soul praises the Eternal One
and my spirit rejoices in God
for God has looked with favor on this peasant girl
the lowliest of all
But God has accepted me just as I am
So others may see me too
God has called me to this mission
All generations will call me blessed
For me and through me great things will take place
For I have known the love of God
Incarnate, revealed to us, God’s perfect love
Holy is God’s name
God has shown justice, God has shown love
God has inspired us to give what we have
Scattered the pride in the hearts of the proud
Strengthened the pride in all those trodden-down
Brought down the lofty from powerful thrones
Searched for the lost ones and brought us back home
God works through people and nature divine
God acts among us from now throughout time
Incarnate, revealed to us, God’s perfect love
Holy is God’s name

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