Friday, November 11, 2011

Michael Kinnamon resigns as leader of NCC

Dr. Michael Kinnamon has announced his resignation as the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches. Kinnamon has faithfully and boldly lead the NCC since 2008. However, due to health concerns - and warnings from his cardiologist - he needed to reduce his stress and travel.

Kinnamon has served as a professor and leader at Christian Theological Seminary, Luxington Theological Seminary, and Eden Theological Seminary. He has also served as an Executive Secretary for the World Council of Churches. Plus, he has a long list of speeches, sermons, articles, and books about Christian ecumenism.

Kinnamon also is just a nice guy. He was one of my professors at Eden Theological Seminary. He cared deeply about helping students understand the importance of engaging in mission and respecting the differences of others. Even though he was a national and international leader in the ecumenical movement, he would still make time to meet with students one-on-one. I frequently reflect on the insights, wisdom, and passion that Kinnamon shared with the Eden community.

Plus, Kinnamon is a family man. He has raised two daughters, Anna and Leah, with his wife Katherine.

Prayers of gratitude and prayers for healing go out to Michael Kinnamon and his family.

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