Thursday, October 27, 2011

Children Born of Sacred Waters

Our newest song is a baptismal hymn written to the tune of "Children of the Heavenly Father." It was developed with help from friends and members of PCAN. We'd especially like to thank David Weiss for his theo-poetic contributions. Sometimes it takes a community of artists - all throwing paint against the canvas - to create something of beauty. Here are the lyrics:

Children born of sacred waters, God’s creative sons and daughters,
All of us revealing Your face; this new child to hold in Your grace.

By Your fresh baptismal river, into new life we’re delivered.
By Your holiness surrounded, in Your love we are now grounded.

Healing Rain and Dancing Ocean, wet with joy - set us in motion.
Use this water to remind us, that Your love will ever find us.

God of new life and creation, God of dreams and firm foundations,
As these waters splash and swirl, help this child to love Your world.

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