Sunday, September 4, 2011

Theology of Enough

The new edition of Creative Transformation is now out! I was glad to be the guest editor and witness so many amazing people donatate their time and talents to reflect on a "theology of enough."

In the first section, theologians from different perspectives explore various aspects of a “theology of enough.” John Cobb argues for a focus on collective/communal interests, Ellen Brown provides historical context on monetary practices, Shams Ghonheim discusses the Islamic prohibition against usury, Larry Rasmussen describes ways to bring about needed transformation in our world, and Elizabeth Dodson Gray provides a re-definition of wealth/value.

In the second section, there are practical applications of a “theology of enough.” Steve Holt explores a spirituality of gardening, Cassandra Carmichael provides practical resources for congregations, Brian Kirk presents a way to help youth explore a missional understanding of personal economics, Sallie McFague provides a sermon that reflects on the kenosis needed in order for everyone to have a place at the global banquet, I present a sermon on Ecclesiastes that encourages a mindful appreciation of the limited time we have in this life, Jeanyne Slettom reviews a book about persuasive-relational parenting, and Yi Shen reviews a book about the intersection of politics and faith. Additionally, there are liturgical resources provided by Jeanyne Slettom and Sara Kay.

These authors invite us to awaken to, embody, and enjoy a “theology of enough.”

It's good stuff. And it's free. Check it out here.

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