Wednesday, July 6, 2011

God Will Be Who God Will Be

What is God's name? Father? Lord? Yahweh?

In Exodus 3:13-15, the author says that God reveals God's name to Moses as, "I Am Who I Am." Other translations say, "I Will Be Who I Will Be." That's all we get. It's an odd name that doesn't reveal much about God. But that seems to be the point. The name of God is mysterious and meaning-filled. Instead of a simple name with a simple meaning, we get an ambiguous name with an ambiguous meaning. God's name itself invites us to remember that we cannot easily understand God in all of God's holiness. God can't be easily classified or put into neat theological boxes. God is always more than we can imagine. God's enigmatic name is expansive instead of limiting.

God's name isn't only ambiguous, it's also active. It's present tense. It's moving. God will be what God will be. As God moves and interacts with the world, God will be who God will be. God will change, shift, adjust, etc. So even if we could understand God in one moment, God might be different in the next moment. Therefore God's mystery is an ongoing mystery with continually emerging mysteriousness. This invites us to be agnostic toward any one name or understanding of God and welcoming of many names and understandings of God.

Creator, we praise your ongoing creation.
Potter, we celebrate your handiwork.
Wellspring, we drink in your sacred waters.
Holy Spirit, we bask in your abiding presence.
Mother Hen, we seek to be protected under your wings.
Lord, we claim you as our ultimate authority.
Deliverer, we seek to be led away from our troubles.
Advocate, we seek to be lifted up by you.
Rock, we seek to be steadied by your firm foundation.
River, we seek to be led along the banks of life.
Liberator, we seek to be released from all that oppresses us.
Great Physician, we seek to experience your healing power.
Conservationist, we cherish your care for the earth.
Commander-In-Chief of the Universe, we honor your leadership.
Artist, we thank you for including us in your masterpiece.
Peacemaker, we seek to be led to your shalom.
Lover, we rest in your embrace.
All-Weather Friend, we enjoy your faithful companionship.
Great Weaver, we seek to repair the rips in the web of life.
Black Christ, we thank you for your solidarity.
Great Spirit, we honor your presence in all living beings.
Band Leader, we dance to the rhythm of your sacred music.

All of this and so much more. God will be who God will be.

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