Monday, June 20, 2011

Review (2): Sara Kay // On The Way

Charlie Rod's review of Sara's album On The Way:

Life is full of compromises. Do you need a car with more room or one that gets better gas mileage? Do you want to immerse yourself in your job or devote yourself to family and hobbies? Root for the Cubs or enjoy postseason baseball? If you think you also must choose between infectiously listenable Christian music and theologically grounded lyrics then Sara Kay would like you to listen to something.

On the Way is a brilliant blending of music you can't stop humming with lyrics you can't stop thinking about. This is not music to listen to with your arms raised and your eyes (and mind) closed; this is a conversation about life with God carried out with a charming dinner partner. Come along with Sara and agonize with Eve in the Garden, walk with Jesus as he stands alongside those who need him most, and watch the world nurtured and tended by God's hand.

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