Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recovering from the Rapture

So the rapture didn't happen yesterday. Not like I expected it to occur. But still, in a strange way, I was a little disappointed that nothing at all happened. It was just a sunny, beautiful Saturday. I hung out with my family, watered my grass, and grilled out steak. So, I guess, exciting stuff did happen. For me, life doesn't get better than that. It's the simple pleasures that bring life so much joy. Seriously, if we don't soak up the joy in life's little stuff, then we will miss life entirely. We'd spend our lives running from one major event to another without taking the time to notice or enjoy all the awesome stuff that happens between the big things. The reality is that life is 90% little things. So, if we want to enjoy 90% of life, we need to squeeze out every ounce of happiness that we can from ordinary, everyday events. Life is more rapturous if we don't wait for the rapture.

Alanis Morissette's song "Incomplete" is a great reminder to live life in the moment - and not to rush through life:

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