Saturday, May 28, 2011

Role of Education in the Progression of Society

Carter G. Woodson wrote a book in 1933 called The Mis-Education of the Negro. It's amazing how relevant much of this book remains. It's a good read for anyone involved in education. Here's a powerful quote about the role of education in the progress of society:
"They have been taught the facts of history, but have never learned to think. Their conception is that you go to school to find out what other people have done, and then you go out in life to imitate them...If we do the same thing from generation to generation, we would not make any progress...The world does not want and will never have the heroes and heroines of the past. What this age needs is an enlightened youth not to undertake the tasks like theirs but to imbibe the spirit of these great heroes and answer the present call of duty with equal nobleness."

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  1. You are right... the words still are accurate.