Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is hell?

Hell has been a big topic of conversation ever since Rob Bell wrote the book Love Wins. Time Magazine even did a feature story about Bell and his thoughts on hell called "Is Hell Dead?" From Facebook to CNN, everyone seems interested in Bell's ideas. Or arguing with him. Or critiquing him. Or adding their own thoughts on hell.

Hell can be a complicated topic. For some people, it's important to believe that hell is a physical place where people are tormented forever. For other people, it's important to believe that hell doesn't exist at all. Between these two major options is a third way: hell is real but not eternal. Here is our description of that third option.

Hell is 33,000 children dying every day in the world due to poverty. 
Hell is cancer. 
Hell is a couple yelling at each other in front of their kids. 
Hell is plutocracy. 
Hell is a lack of decent healthcare. 
Hell is SIDS. 
Hell is being laid off with no money in savings.
Hell is bullying.
Hell is stealing to support an addiction. 
Hell is working long hours when you have a family at home.
Hell is racism.
Hell is antagonism and triangulation in relationships.
Hell is earning minimum wage while pregnant. 
Hell is watching a loved one be sick.
Hell is physical abuse. 
Hell is experiencing indifference when you need action.
Hell is rape. 
Hell is massive wage disparity.
Hell is listening to Larry the Cable Guy.
Hell is the thought of God allowing anyone into hell.

Pat Benetar has a great description of hell, too. She wrote a song called "Hell is for Children" about child abuse. Sometimes music says it better than words alone.

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