Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Insects' Song

Sitting in my backyard, I hear a chorus of insects singing. Their songs are all different, yet converge and harmonize in the cool night air. The leaves, birds, and neighbors are all quiet on this evening, as if to give their full attention to the song of the insects. All life – including my own busy-ness – seems to slow down in order to take in the insects’ sacred song. In a world that teeters between great pain and great joy, it is wonderful to soak in the joyous, beatific voice of the insects. Obviously, the little creatures are not only sacrements of joy, for they can be quiet bothersome and annoying, too. But tonight, their song goes on in endless praise to the Sacred within and around them. And it reminds me of the Sacred within and around me. For that, the only proper response is "thank you." In fact, gratitude fills my soul all the way from the center of my body to the center of the universe. The appreciation I have right now bubbles over and blesses my life to such an extent that I can only imagine that this must be what “abundant life” must mean in Scripture. I feel more fully alive. And I am thankful. To be grateful is a wonderful gift. So, to the insects that I might just curse tomorrow if they make their way into my house, I must, on this amazing night, say: "Thank you, my friends. May God bless you too."

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