Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rob Bell: Rock Star or Easy Target?

Rob Bell has written a book called Love Wins. It's a well-written book. But it's also a little predictable. Let me just say that there are no major surprises. Well, I guess there is one surprise. Conservative Christians are going nuts over this book. Bell is being attacked all over the internet by them. They are trying to accuse Bell of heresy. I won't even bother defending Bell against heresy. Suffice to say, he's not a heretic. But the conservatives decided to pounce anyway. So it seems like one of two things is happening. Option 1: They see him as too big of a pastoral rock star and they want to knock him down a bit. Option 2: They see Bell as an easy target and want to bully him around. Either way, it seems silly that he is being attacked so much. Let the guy write his books and give his sermons. He's an amazing artist when it comes to communication. Let him share his gift with people who find it meaningful. Besides, in the end, it will be God who judges us. And if you listen to Bell, love will win. So let's move on from this banter and enjoy God's love instead of fighting over it. There's enough divine love to go around!

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