Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exploring A Retirement from Blogging

Greetings! Sara and I have been discussing the possibility of closing down our blog. It has been fun, but now that we're getting into our careers and exploring the possibility of expanding our family, there is less time to devote to quality content on our blog. We'll made our decision soon. God bless.


  1. Man... I wish the best for you no matter what decision you make. I really enjoy reading your perspective (even facebooked a post recently about the Muslim center in NYC) and Sara's song brings me a great deal of peace. Such a wonderful voice!!

    Well, I would like to think you would pop in to let a brother know how your music is going and if there is any additions to your family. Nothing but the best!!

    Love and Rockets!

  2. :(

    Hopefully you'll at least keep the church blog running...

  3. if you decide to stop, you will be missed! my best to you and your future, whatever that may be. light & love to you this day and every day :)

  4. I came late in my discovery of your blog - would hate to see your blog go, but wish you the best in your young lives.

  5. I appreciate your ability to find balanced, non-rhetorical resources on much-too-hyped topics. That information helps me order my thoughts--not easy in times when "facts" are up for grabs. Hope that keeps up somehow, maybe in another venue. This blog is great, but I know things change as lives change.