Monday, August 9, 2010

Secular and Religious Hope

It's time for a brief rant. It's tiring to listen to secularists blame the religious for all the ills of the world. And it's tiring to listen to the religious blame the secularists for all the ills of the world. Get over yourselves. We've all had our share in making the world a worse place by inspiring prejudice, violence, misunderstanding, etc. Secular movements such as Maoism, Nazism, and the Khmer Rouge employed bad secularism. Religious movements such as the Spanish Inquisition, Al-Qaeda, and Dominionism employed bad religion.

The only answer to bad religion is better religion. That is why we should all celebrate good religious leaders like Reza Aslan, Brian McLaren, and Susan Talve.

The only answer to bad secularism is better secularism. That is why we should all celebrate helpful secular leaders like Greg Epstein, Kate Braestrup, and Jon Stewart.

All of these people are in the "good column" because they inspire helpful values like civility, pluralism, and understanding. It's time to learn from the bad stuff of our common history and let people like these move us all into a better future. Together. That is our best hope.

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  1. As an anti-theist, I agree, however, it should be clear that your list of supposedly "secular" movements ("Maoism, Nazism, and the Khmer Rouge") were nothing of the sort. If anything they were a form of nationalist religion... some sources that explore civil religion Thinking about Culture/Nationalism/War.

    Of course you might think that I am splitting hairs, but this is why I am an anti-theist (of any form).

    Having said that, I do like what you are doing here. Peace