Sunday, August 29, 2010

Imagine If "We" Were Muslim

Imagine if Muslim Americans were doing all the things that "we" are doing to them.

Imagine if Muslim Americans protested against the building of a church because of its ties to what they define as "questionable" Christian groups.

Imagine if Muslim Americans wanted the freedom of religion revoked from a moderate Christian group who was seeking to build a community center.

Imagine if Muslim Americans wanted to violate the rights of local and state governance by trying to block the construction of a building by Christians who followed all relevant laws.

Imagine if Muslim Americans appeared on national television to villainize a respected Christian leader.

Imagine if Muslim Americans lumped all Christians together with the most violent and extreme people who claim the name Christian.

Imagine if Muslim Americans wrote letters to the editor about all the violence and hatred in the Bible as a way to discredit Christianity as a whole.

Imagine if Muslim Americans questioned the finances behind the construction of a "Christian" building before fundraising ever actually started.

Imagine if Muslim Americans said that Christians have the right to build a community center, but still argued that they shouldn't do it because of the "insensitivity" of the project's location.

Imagine if Muslim Americans decided to proclaim who was and wasn't a "moderate" Christian, without consulting Christian leaders or experts.

Imagine if Muslim Americans appeared on cable news to discredit Christian theology without having a comprehensive understanding of it.

Imagine if Muslim Americans tried to argue that the president of the USA was Christian as a way to defame both the president and Christianity itself.

It looks different when the names are switched. Perhaps it's time to tone down the rhetoric and call for a deeper conversation about Cordoba House.

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  1. Thank you for this. It has long been my opinion that there is a certain amount of tunnel vision when it comes to this issue.

    I think people are forgetting that there were Islamic people working in and around WTC who lost their lives just as innocently as the Christians who did.

    We really need to find a way to live and let live - coexist as it were.

    And the leadership of every congregation have a major role to play in assuring that everyone is treated equally, and in reminding their flock that no one is 'more equal' than the other.

    Blessiings :)