Tuesday, August 17, 2010

America Needs The Cordoba House

I'm tired of hearing this phrase: "Of course they have the right to build there, but it's just insensitive." What?! Why?! Islam is not Al-Qaeda. In fact, the Cordoba House is being built by moderate, pluralistic Muslims. They should be met with nation-wide support. After all, we asked moderate Muslims to speak out after 9-11. But now that they are stepping forward, we're pushing them back. This isn't okay in our nation. We're better than that. Or should be. It's time to ignore the opportunistic politicians and pundits who are using this "issue" for their own political gain. It's time to honor the freedom of religion in First Amendment and the voice of moderate Muslims in our nation. And it's time for a revival of civil discourse throughout the United States. The first step in these goals is building the Cordoba House. But not only in New York City. We need a Cordoba House in every community.

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