Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prayer For Today

All-Weather Friend, we pray that you remain with us in good times and difficult times. Help us through the hard times. Pave a way out of no way, so that we can walk from the dark valleys to the green pastures. And when we experience the good times – when we walk through those green pastures – help us celebrate them for all they are worth.

Holy Nurse, we pray for healing and comfort for all those who are sick or hurting. Allergies, AIDS, cancer, depression, and many other things afflict your people. Pour forth your healing presence. And heal us physically, mentally, spiritually, and in any and every way we need it. And help us to live each moment of our lives to the fullest.

CEO of the Seas, we pray that you end the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Just end it. It has gone on far too long. Act swiftly to compensate for our sluggishness. Inspire us with ideas that can stop this ongoing disaster. And in the years to come, inspire us with innovative ideas that can provide for our energy needs in ways that are gentler to your Creation.

Commander-In-Chief of the Universe, we pray that you bring forth greater peace throughout the world. Help us to reduce our arsenals, cut back our spending, and keep home our soldiers. Increase our understanding of one another – and help us to work toword a more just and fair world for everyone. We pray particularly for Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United States.


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