Friday, June 11, 2010

Accounting for Human Torture and Experimentation by the USA

The USA used torture and experimentation on fellow human beings during the Bush administration. Here is an article about the most extensive report to date. These unethical and immoral acts must be fully investigated, publicly prosecuted, and never used again. Nothing short of the moral authority of the USA and soul of our nation is at risk. Thankfully there are people speaking out. The National Religious Campaign Against Torture has partnered with Jim Winkler, Michael Kinnamon, Gerry Sorotta, Peg Chemberlin, Richard Cizik, and Scott Allen to produce a video about the torture and experimentation - and the effects of those techniques. Please take a moment to watch it. It's disturbing - and it should be. Torture is horrific. Click here, here, and/or here to take action.

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