Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Song Dedication for Arizona's SB 1070

We'd like to dedicate a song to Arizona’s disturbing bill, SB 1070. It's a tune by Ozomatli called "(Who Discovered) America?" Here are the lyrics and video:

I heard her story from across the sea,
There was never one as fair, lovely as she.
With mocha skin and eyes of green,
With all the kindness and
grace of a queen.
I set sail into a cold, dark sky.
I had to see this
beauty with my own eyes.
I crossed the ocean in a tiny ship
With her image in my mind and her name on my lips. I said:

Ah, America.
eh, ah.

I found her standing upon the shore.
She was everything I dreamed of and so much more.
I felt a love that I've never known
And I knew I had to make her my own.
She was light of the night. She was dark as the night.
I fell under her spell, couldn't tell right from wrong. I said:

Ah, America.
Ah, eh, ah.

She breathed new life inside of me.
A whole new world she gave to me.
Surrendered all she had to me,
Even silver and gold.
All she asked was my soul.

I never thought she could break my heart
but all her contradictions are tearing me apart.
The secret she hides.
The beauty she flaunts
She'll stop at nothing just to get what she wants

Obviously, this song is about immigration - and the troubles immigrants face. Jesus, too, was an undocumented migrant who faced difficulties in a new land. Click here to read more. Or click here to take action on immigration reform.

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