Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lament and Hope for the Gulf of Mexico

We'd like to dedicate our song, "Of Lament and Hope," to the recovery efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. The juxtaposition of images of overwhelming pollution and massive cleanup efforts reminded us of Psalm 13. It's a psalm of deep lament and resilient hope. The beauty of this psalm is that it doesn't offer empty platitudes or easy blame. It simply names the pain honestly and then looks forward in hopeful expectation. In that way, Psalm 13 is like a good blues song. It acknowledges the tough stuff, but manages to find the hope in life anyway. And that is what the Gulf needs right now. May hope begin to emerge out of the sludge for all the plants, fish, birds, animals, and people affected by this disaster.

"Of Lament and Hope"

How long, O God
Will you keep me waiting here?
How long, O God
Til You recognize my tears?
How long will I bear grief in my soul,
Carry this sorrow night and day?
How long til I am whole?

God, look at me.
Don’t turn Your face away.
God, answer me,
Before darkness overtakes.
Before my path is overcome,
And all that oppose me rejoice.
How long will you be gone?

But as for me, I trust in Your love.
I rejoice in the help that You give.
To You I sing for Your goodness to me;
In You I trust, in You I live
In You I trust, in You I live
In You I live

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