Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sacred Journey: "Sacred Waters"

Sacred Journey, a multi-faith spiritual journal, has published my poem "Sacred Waters." Check out their stuff. It feeds the soul and nurishes the hope. In a world where religions often divide us against each other, Sacred Journey is a good example of a place where religions can connect us more deeply. In fact their tagline says, "Embrace the wisdom that springs from religious traditions around the globe and explore the richness of different forms of prayer and spiritual practice." Good stuff. Click here for more.

"Sacred Waters"

God is a river
Meandering through the ebbs and flows of life
Led by the structures of the shore
Yet pushing boundaries beyond limitation

God is an ocean
Filling the deepest depths
Surrounding and supporting each creature
Providing the sacred ecosystem of life

God is a pond
Resting calmly in the distance
Inviting all to enjoy a drink
But not forcing or drowning any

God is a rapids
Bouncing and churning
Bringing us swifltly along
So we may enjoy the ride

God is a puddle
Sitting very still
A small part of the other waters
A sacramental reminder for all who pass

1 comment:

  1. Nice imagery, Sara. I can almost feel the waters in all their Divine forms. In fact, often in meditation/prayer I receive imagery and meaning much like this. All praise to the Divine Wave--the Divine force of Life! And thank you, sister.