Friday, April 9, 2010

Is The "Emergent Church" for Whites Only?

Sojourners is running an interesting cover story ("Is The Emergent Church For Whites Only?") about the racial diversity - or the lack thereof - in the Emergent Church. This is something that was brought up a few years ago in a saterical article called "Frightened Black Family Flees Emergent Church." It's also a topic that was discussed when my graduating class discussed the Emergent Church during my senior year at Eden Theological Seminary. There are many important questions that could be asked. And many valid reponces to those questions. The important thing is to be able to have these conversations with a passion for justice mixed with a dedication to charitability. It will be interesting to see what develops from the Sojo article in the coming weeks. The cover design alone is already creating buzz on the web. Hopefully a "sacred conversation on race" will emerge.

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