Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Sunday Resources

1. Hymn: "God of the Water and Land" (Tune: Lord of all Hopefulness) from Sara

2. Hymn "All-Present, All-Visible" (Tune: Immortal Invisible) from Sara

3. Hymn: "Ancient Spirit, Modern Wonder" (Tune: Come Thou Font) from Sara

4. Hymn: "This Is My Father's/Mother's World" (Updated) from Sara

5. Hymn: "God of Movement" (Tune: Hyfrydol) from Sara

6. Video: "For the Beauty of the Earth" from Brian

7. Video: "All Creation Moaning for Redemption Blues" from Brian

8. Creation-Focused Prayer of Confession from Brian

9. Creation-Centered Translation of Psalm 8 from Brian

11. Call to Worship (Psalm 23) from Brian

12. Call to Worship (Psalm 150) from Brian

13. Creation Creed from Brian

14. Earthkeeping (Small Group Study) from Kim Winchell

15. Complete Creation Sunday Service from Jeanyne Slettom

16. Collection of Worship Materials from the EEN

17. Collection of Worship Materials from the PC(USA)

18. Collection of Worship Materials from the NCC

19. Creative Ideas for Creation Sunday from the ELCA

20. Historical Voices on the Sacredness of Creation

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