Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Theology After Google

The Transforming Theology project is a network of people who are attempting to rekindle theological imagination in ways that could help transform the Church and world. They are an active and exciting group. In their efforts, they utilize modern technologies such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as well as traditional avenues such as conferences, classes, in-person conversations, etc. Their most recent venture is a conference called Theology After Google.

The Theology After Google event is aimed at exploring ways of communicating new and progressive theologies in our rapidly-changing world. In their opinion, too much theology is being communicated through the old Gutenberg-shaped world of one-sided communication: books, academic journals, sermons, etc. Therefore, more theology needs to be communicated through the new Google-shaped world of interactive communication: blogs, social networking sites, new technology, etc. And that is the purpose of this event. It will explore ways of communicating theology that is more relevant, meaningful, and appropriate for our increasingly interdependent world. Not only is this conference important for learning how to use new technologies, but also for exploring how new technologies are shaping the Church and world. This outstanding event will help empower all of us to more effectively navigate our Google-shaped Church and world. Some of the exciting speakers at this event will be:

Tony Jones, Spencer Burke, John Franke, Helene Slessarev-Jamir, Adam Walker Cleaveland, Bob Cornwall, Dwight Friesen , Jon Irvine, Glen Stassen, Philip Clayton, Tripp Fuller, Ryan Parker, Bruce Epperly, Barry Taylor, Ryan Bolger

If you're interested in learning more, click here for more info. Or if you're interested in attending this excellent event, click here to register.

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