Sunday, January 10, 2010

Perhaps We Shall Not Break Bread Again

Kahlil Gibran, a Lebanese American writer, offers a fresh look at the life of Jesus in the book Jesus The Son Of Man. The product description says, "This portrayal of Christ is through the eyes of His contemporaries, men and women who knew Him as an enemy, friend or teacher. These people including Mary Magdalen, Simon Peter, Pontius Pilate and Barabbas are brought to life against the social, political and religious realities of Palestine and Rome at that period." Here is an especially powerful quote from the book:
Jesus took a loaf of bread and gave to us, saying, “Perhaps we shall not break bread again. Let us eat this morsel in remembrance of our days in Galilee.” And He poured wine from the jug into a cup and He drank, and gave to us, and He said, “Drink this in remembrance of a thirst we have known together. And drink it also in hope for the new vintage. When I am enfolded and am no more among you, and when you meet here or elsewhere, break the bread and pour the wine, and eat and drink even as you are doing now. Then look about you; and perchance you may see me sitting with you at the table.” After saying this He began to distribute among us morsels of fish and pheasant, like a bird feeding its fledglings. We ate little yet we were filled; and we drank but a drop, for we felt that the cup was like a space between this land and another land. Then Jesus said, “Before we leave this table let us rise and sing the joyous hymns of Galilee.

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