Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Hymn: "God of the Water and Land"

Our newest hymn re-write is to the tune of Slane (Lord of All Hopefulness).

God of the water and God of the land,
Work in us now and help us be Your hands,
Faithfully tending the seeds that we've sown -
In Your great garden, we're never alone.

God of all rhythm and God of all time,
Sing on the earth and make ev'ry verse rhyme.
Move through Your children and carry the song;
In ev'ry new moment, help us sing along.

God of the galaxies, God of the stars,
No light is beyond You, no darkness too far;
surpassing our knowledge and wildest dreams,
Your love knows no bounds and Your mercy exceeds.

God of each moment and God of each day,
Through joys and through sorrows, Your presence remains.
Walk with us and guide us and open our minds,
that in all our searching it's You that we find.


  1. This is quite beautiful. Has it been published? Sung? Recorded?

  2. It has been sung, but not published. Thanks for asking.