Monday, October 12, 2009

Psalm of Hope for Overcoming Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. To commemorate this month – and the movement and research to overcome breast cancer, we have written a poem of hope and survival based on Psalm 3.

O God, how mighty is our foe!
How it ravages the bodies of some of your daughters.
With might it tries to rise against us;
to break us down,
to make us weak.
It seems to be saying to us,
“There is no help for you in God.”

But you, O God, are a shield around us,
and a fortress within us.
You are our hope, and the one who lifts up our head.
When we cry out in agony or fear,
Answers spring forth from God’s sacred earth;
And answers are embodied in God’s people.

We march like soldiers;
knowing we will be led to victory,
for the Holy One strengthens us.
We lie down like sheep;
knowing that we will awake again,
for the Holy One strengthens us.
We will sing like birds,
knowing that we have hope,
for the Holy One strengthens us.

Rise up, within us and around us, O God!
Deliver us, O Holy One, our God!
For you will help us strike down this enemy of women;
you will break its power over our daughters,
and lead us all to ultimate victory,
like you led Esther and her people to victory.
Deliverance belongs to God!

Holy One, may your blessed healing and strength,
be upon all your daughters.
Praise be to you, Mighty Victor, our God!

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