Saturday, October 17, 2009

Philip Clayton and Harvey Cox on Tour

Philip Clayton and Harvey Cox both have new books out and they are taking them out on tour. It's going to be an awesome tour, complete with lasers, pyrotechnics, and a light show that would make U2 look cheap. Ok, maybe not. But wouldn't that be cool!? In reality, their tour will take place via blogs. Which is still exciting - and much less expensive. In fact, it will be free to attend this tour. So check it out. Clayton and Cox are rock stars of theology. And they will be sharing ideas about the future of the Church in our postmodern world.

One of the stops on their blog tour will be here, at Eph-Po. They will also be making other blog stops, so be sure to check out the tour schedule below. Each stop will feature reflections on their new material.

The tour will wrap up in Montreal with a special live show at the American Academy of Religion's annual meeting. There they will be joined by fellow rock stars Eric Gregory, Bruce Sanguin, Serene Jones, Frank Tupper, and Andrew Sung Park. They will all be sharing 'Big Ideas' for the future of the Church. These 'Big Ideas' will be videotaped and shared, so be on the lookout for live footage from the last night of the tour.

Philip's new book is Transforming Christian Theology for Church & Society. This compact volume offers a way for Christians to reflect deeply on how best to conceive Christian identity, commitment, and discipleship in today's challenged, globalized, pluralistic scene. Growing out of the recent "Transforming Theology: Rekindling Theological Imagination" initiative and led by esteemed theologian Philip Clayton and his colleagues, this volume seeks to capture and articulate the ferment in grassroots North American Christianity today and to relate it directly to the recent strong resurgence of progressive thought and politics. It argues strongly for a mediating role specifically for Christian theology, conceived first as a life practice of Christian discipleship, and its call has found enormous response from popular audiences in conferences, online, in informal Christian settings, as well as in mainline denominations and the academy.

Harvey's book is The Future of Faith. This book explores the essential change taking place in what it means to be "religious" today. Religious people are more interested in ethical guidelines and spiritual disciplines than in doctrines. The result is a universal trend away from hierarchical, regional, patriarchal, and institutional religion. As these changes gain momentum, they evoke an almost point-for-point fundamentalist reaction. Fundamentalism, Cox argues, is on graphic display around the globe because it is dying. Once suffocated by creeds, hierarchies, and the disastrous merger of the church with the Roman Empire, faith - rather than belief - is once again becoming Christianity's defining quality.

Both books are worth checking out at one of the many tour stops. If you can't wait, you can listen to them interview each other. Enjoy the tour!

Blog Tour Schedule

Joseph Weethee , Jonathan Bartlett, The Church Geek, Jacob’s Cafe, Reverend Mommy, Steve Knight, Todd Littleton, Christina Accornero, John David Ryan, LeAnn Gunter Johns, Chase Andre, Matt Moorman, Gideon Addington, Ryan Dueck, Rachel Marszalek, Amy Moffitt, Josh Wallace, Jonathan Dodson, Stephen Barkley, Monty Galloway, Colin McEnroe, Tad DeLay, David Mullens, Kimberly Roth, Tripp Hudgins, Tripp Fuller, Greg Horton, Andrew Tatum, Drew Tatusko, Sam Andress, Susan Barnes, Jared Enyart, Jake Bouma, Eliacin Rosario-Cruz, Blake Huggins, Lance Green, Scott Lenger, Dan Rose, Thomas Turner, Les Chatwin, Joseph Carson, Brian Brandsmeier, J. D. Allen, Greg Bolt, Tim Snyder, Matthew L. Kelley, Carl McLendon, Carter McNeese, David R. Gillespie, Arthur Stewart, Tim Thompson, Joe Bumbulis, Bob Cornwall

This tour is sponsored by Transforming Theology DOT org!

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