Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missouri: Our New, Old Song

In 2004, Sara and I wrote our first song together. We wrote it on a napkin on the floor of our apartment. It was all quite special. Then we lost the napkin to the annals of time. Actually, it's probably somewhere in one of our miscellaneous boxes with Q-tips and motor oil. In any case, we lost the napkin with the lyrics and forgot about the song. Well, until the song made a return to us on a walk last weekend. For some strange reason it popped back into our heads five years after we wrote it. I managed to remember and sing the chorus. Sara managed to do the first verse. And by the time we got back to our place, the song had made it's complete return. So, here's our song about moving to Missouri. Sure, we did the Saint Louis thing for a while and moved back to Iowa, but that just gives the song an ironic twist. And, yes, Sara is wearing an Iowa t-shirt in the video!


Let’s get out of town
leave it all behind
take one last look around
and drive

We shouted, “Come what may,
We’re ready for the ride!”
Now it’s time to say

Oh, Missouri
Oh, Missouri

We’ll drive a million miles
Shed as many tears
Share twice as many smiles
This year

And we won’t turn back now
Not time to compromise
We’ve got to figure out
our lives

Oh, Missouri
Oh, Missouri

Now the dawn is breaking
Take this chance to learn
No more hesitating
It’s our turn
Done with our excuses
Through with saying “no”
Now we’ll take our cue: it’s
time to go

Heading down the road,
Riding wind that’s at our back
And we can rest our load
at last

Take in all the sights
Learn to put down roots
We’ll live and love and write
Life’s book

Oh, Missouri
Oh, Missouri

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