Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jesus fed the rich and let the loaves and fishes trickle down

Stephen Colbert does it again. He uses comedy in a prophetic way to challenge injustices, hypocrisy, and other wrongs - as he sees them. The October 7th, 2009 episode was no different. In his "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger" section, Colbert went after an organization that seeks to change the words of the Bible. This especially angered Colbert because, as he says, he a "huge fan of the Bible" because it affirms his "fundamental beliefs." And that is why he used his satiric wit to deconstruct the project of Conservapedia. This organization has a project, the Conservative Bible Project, that seeks to rewrite the Bible from a conservative perspective. They claim that the Bible is full of liberal bias. So they seek to root out the liberalism and replace it with a more conservative perspective. To point out the absurdity of their claim Colbert says, "After all the Bible says Jesus fed the poor. It should say he fed the rich and let the loaves and fishes trickle down." Yup, the Bible according to conservative economic theory instead of the message of Jesus. So wrong! Thankfully we have Colbert to stand up for the prophetic message of Scripture!

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