Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christianity 21: Listening to the Voices of Women Explore the 21st Century Church

In the song "Pendulum Swinger," the Indigo Girls sing about the hope they see for the Church when the voices and influences of women are listened to and embodied. The lyrics read: "You work in the system / You see possibilities and your glistening / Eyes show the change you're gonna give 'em / When they back off the mic for once and give it to a woman." And that is exactly what happened at Christianity 21. Two of the original leaders of the Emergent Church, Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt, backed off the mic (i.e. organized an event) and gave it to 21 women. And the voices that rang through that mic just might change the Church of the future.

Christianity 21 was a conference - or learning party - held in Minneapolis, MN on October 9th-11th. It's tag line was "21 Voices, 21 Ideas, 21 Minutes Each." The cool thing was that these 21 ideas came from 21 women who are doing innovative, fresh ministry in the Church. In this time of radical change in the Church, it's a gift to be able to listen to the perspectives of women who are on the ground and at the edge. They are on the ground, doing real ministry in fresh ways. They are on the edge of 21st Century Christianity, exploring ways to help the Church be relevant in our postmodern world. These are important voices to hear. These ain't no abstract, dispassionate, theological blitherings. These are practical, visionary, ministerial insights.

Click here to learn more and click here to order CDs from the event.

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