Monday, August 10, 2009

Generate Magazine: A New Magazine for a New World

Generate Magazine is now available! This exciting new magazine exists to facilitate the "growing, generative conversation that some have called the emergent church conversation." It's part of the conversation and movement that seeks to reform the Church in our time - and for our time. Generate will help us explore alternative, postmodern, and organic ways of following Jesus through spiritual poetry, relevant articles, artistic photography, postmodern liturgies, thoughtful music reviews, etc. And these resources are all organic. They are not canned articles from stale theologians, pop-theology authors, and ecclesial authorities. All of material in Generate is written by grassroots folks and for grassroots folks. Plus, it's a collaborative effort from many different perspectives. We're promoting this project because we believe the ethos is faithful to Jesus and the reformations are needed in the Church. If you're tired of Christianity Today or The Christian Century, then give Generate Magazine a try. Generate is smart, fresh, and relevant.

Generate is a new magazine for a new world. Walter Brueggemann said: “The world for which you have been so carefully prepared has been taken away from you, by the grace of God.” We need to prepare for our emerging world - and emerging Church. Generate Magazine is one way to prepare ourselves for the adventure of exploring our new world and Church.

We think Generate is worth supporting. But let's be honest. It's not a good economy for publishers. The odds may seem against this project. But at this moment in history, we need resources such as Generate to help us explore faith, spirituality, and church in a postmodern matrix.

Click here to read more. Click here to subscribe. Click here to read our contribution to the first magazine.

Enjoy the adventure!

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