Monday, July 27, 2009

Love, Creativity, and Adventure

"It is God's nature to love, to love without measure and without interruption. And precisely because this is God's essential nature, God must be sensitive and responsive to the creaturely world. Everything that happens in it has an effect on God. Because God's love never changes, God's experience must change. In other words, it is part of God's unchanging nature to change." - Richard Rice

"God is the great companion: a fellow sufferer who understands, absorbing the world's sins and sufferings, and who guides the world, not by violence or blind decree, but rather by love." - John Cobb

"God is the most relational and related of all beings...The power of God is to influence and to be influenced by, to persuade and be persuaded. The power of God is to suffer with and enjoy all life." Carol Christ

"When the Western world accepted Christianity, Caesar conquered; and the received text of Western theology was edited by his lawyers...The brief Galilean vision of humility flickered throughout the ages...But the deeper idolatry, of the fashioning of God in the image of the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman imperial rulers, was retained. The Church gave unto God the attributes which belonged exclusively to Caesar...There is, however, in the Galilean origin of Christianity yet another suggestion which does not fit very well with any of the three main strands of thought. It does not emphasize the ruling Caesar, or the ruthless moralist, or the unmoved mover. It dwells upon the tender elements in the world, which slowly and in quietness operate by love; and it finds purpose in the present immediacy of a kingdom not of this world. Love neither rules, nor is it unmoved; also it is a little oblivious as to morals. It does not look to the future; for it finds its own reward in the immediate present." A.N. Whitehead

"God's power is persuasive rather than coercive and dominating, it's a lure toward the best possible future rather than a threat of punishment for disobedience." - Lucinda Huffaker

"Creativity is God's gracious gift to us to shape and improvise on the creation in which we live. Faith is the art of practicing that gift...Like the twelve-bar harmonic structure of blues, God's grace structures and shapes the music of faith...God shapes the movement, sustains its life, and gives it purpose and direction." - Ann Pederson

"God's holy adventure calls us to be creative and innovative right now as we listen for divine inspiration, and then to respond by coloring outside the lines and give God something new as a result of our own personal artistry. In contrast to Rich Warren's view of God, I do not believe that God determines everything in advance but that we are invited to be God's companions in creating a future that is, to some degree, open and unfinished...God calls us to become creative companions in God's new and surprising creation." - Bruce Epperly

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