Thursday, June 11, 2009

"God of Movement"

"God of Movement" is based on Mark 4:1-9 and 4:26-32. The song is meant to highlight the images of growing seed from Scripture. The care of God for all seeds. The fruitfulness of seeds growing in good soil. The continualy growing seeds of the Kin-dom of God. And the tiny seeds of the Kin-dom that grow into great shrubs. The lyrics are set to the Hy­fry­dol tune.

God of Movement, work inside us;
Send your rain and nurture us all,
Tend our roots and hearts; excite us
Help us hear your ancient call
In our pain and in our laughter
Present, ever, throughout all our days
Here before and now and after
May all living things give praise

As a tiny seed is planted,
Roots emerge and growth begins.
So we ask, our hearts enchant, and
Bring your Kin-dom forth from within.
Love unquenchable, hope unstoppable,
Reign of justice with no end
Use our lives and make it possible
That your garden, we may tend.

Send us forth to sow and scatter
Seeds that grow your Kin-dom on earth.
Make it clear the ways that matter,
Those which bring new life and new birth.
Through your people, bring your healing,
In our lives and the fruits that we grow.
Ever more, your Kin-dom, revealing,
Now's the time to plant and sow.

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