Monday, May 4, 2009

Psalm R-12

"Psalm R-12" is a poetic, psalmized expression of Romans 12 for Matter: A Creative Theology Event.

Praise be to God
For God made my body a temple
An abode of the Holy Spirit
No greater gift could have been given to me
In gratitude, I vow to keep it clean and holy
So the Spirit can dwell inside with ease
And lead me according to God's wisdom
This is not easy
This is not comfortable
It means I have to renounce the wisdom of this world as foolishness
It's foolish to be prideful, selfish, and inhospitable
Even when it seems so right at the time
And it does feel good sometimes
But, in the end, it really is foolishness
So I stand at the crossroads of conformity and transformation
Conform to the world or be transformed by God
I must choose which path to take
The path of conforming is wide and easy
The path of transformation is steep and narrow
Slowly I take a step toward transformation
And there it was
The wisdom of God sprouted within me
The beckoning voice of God called me onward
It turns out that the steep and narrow path is a holy adventure
God's abiding presence is with me, within me, and all around me
The Spirit is a constant guide that leads me to new and exciting heights
And the difficultly of the climb is made easier by the other adventurers
Together we share God's divine wisdom of love, hospitality, and peace
Our love is genuine and rooted in mutual respect
Our hospitality is overflowing and is founded in shared service
Our peace is deep and is grounded in communal harmony
Sure, we're all different from one another
But that what makes it work
Harmony requires different sounds
Diversity is vital
Just as a body has many different parts that all work together
We also work together with our different gifts and abilities
Our goal is to walk together in sacred unity, not false uniformity
We honor our differences as part of God's created order
We use our differences in good faith
We celebrate our differences with cheerfulness
God made us into a village of temples
All abodes of the Holy Spirit
Praise be to God

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  1. Wonderful poem! I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog :)