Monday, May 4, 2009

Creative Theology, Transformance Art, and Peter Rollins

Art is powerful medium for spiritual expression. Okay, we admit it. We're biased. We started this blog in order to share artistic expressions of spirituality. We've followed this idea down the rabbit hole. And we're happy we did. In this postmodern age, art is a way to affirm and express the enigmatic nature of God and the pluriform nature truth. It's a way to give theological expression without giving theological dictations. And that makes art a thing of beauty for the Church. Thankfully many other people are also honoring the special role of art in spirituality.

The "Matter: A Creative Theological Event" conference organized by Shechem Ministries is one example of people who are committed to the artistic expression of theology. The conference seeks "to create a space for meaningful conversation between working artists, theologians, philosophers, theorists, and anyone else interested in the vital intersection of faith and the arts." And there are few people who are more qualified to discuss the intersection of theology and art from a postmodern perspective than the keynote speaker, Peter Rollins. Rollins is the leader of the Ikon community, which is an experimental church group that engages in theodrama and transformance art. If you'd like more info on the conference click here - or if you'd like to contribute a paper or artwork click here.

We submitted several works including a poetic, psalmized expression of Romans 12. Here is "Psalm R-12" if you are interested.

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