Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top Ten Modern Spiritual Songs

"All Are Welcome" by Agape - The Eucharist should be this cool and inclusive.

"Help Somebody" by Susan Werner - Progressive Gospel music.

"Forgiveness" by Susan Werner - Explores the process of...yup...forgiveness.

"Incomplete" by Alanis Morissette - An invitation to live fully in the present moment with joy, friends, and God.

"Beyond Belief" by David Wilcox - Makes ya wonder if we're following Jesus - or trying to make Jesus follow us.

"Atheist" by Restoration Village - Trusting in the God of love and justice makes us an atheist to the God of hate and oppression.

"Holy Now" by Peter Mayer - Spirituality at its best.

"Magnificent" by U2 - If only all praise music was this good!

"Beauty of the Gray" by Live - A Galatians 3:28 vision for the world.

"Pendulum Swinger" by Indigo Girls - Politics and religion make better songs than dinner conversations.

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