Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Hymn: "Ancient Spirit, Modern Wonder"

Tune: "Come Thou Fount"

Ancient Spirit, Modern Wonder,
We have come to praise Your name.
Presence known in calm and thunder,
Ever-changing, still the same.
Into being You have sung us,
Loving all as if Your own,
Love embodied, lived among us,
Made to us God fully known.

Beating Heart of all Creation,
working in and through all things.
Earth cries out for Your salvation,
Freedom which our hands can bring.
Countless colors bless our vision,
Reminiscent of Your face,
They remind us of our mission:
Show the world Your love and grace.

Parent of all generations,
Peace you promise; peace you bring.
Yet war rages through the nations;
Draw us close beneath your wings.
Help us see Your paths of justice,
Lead us to Your ways of peace:
That we help our neighbors trust us,
That our fighting e'er will cease.

Quenching Water, Calming Spirit,
Lay your touch on those in pain.
Work through us to bring your Kin-dom
Wash us in Your healing rain.
God, immerse us in your Presence,
Show us ways to welcome all.
Come and fill us with Your essence,
Breaking down divisive walls.

Joyous Mover, Festive Dancer,
All Creation sings for joy
As we seek to find the answers
to the questions we employ.
Grant us meaning in our searching,
Give us strength in times of doubt.
Throughout life, You are emerging;
Holy wisdom you draw out.

The last/extra line was written for Evangelical UCC's capital campaign:

It's our time to join the chorus,
It's our time to lift our voice.
Looking down the road before us,
It's our time to make a choice.
Let us hear Your joyful singing,
Help us make Your verses rhyme.
Hope and welcome, we'll be bringing,
Realizing it's our time.

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