Monday, April 13, 2009

Creation Creed

Because God gave us this earth as a home, and declared it “very good,”
we seek to be faithful stewards of this gracious gift.

Because God’s Creation now groans to be brought back to wholeness,
we commit ourselves to work vigorously to protect and heal that Creation for the honor and glory of the Creator.

Because God delivered us from slavery to the promised land,
we seek to respond by liberating others from oppression.

Because God has been revealed in Jesus Christ,
we seek to be his disciples.

Because Jesus calls us to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves,
we strive to care for, and reconcile with, all of God’s beloved people.

Because God loves us eternally,
we know nothing can separate us from God’s abiding presence.

Because God’s Spirit continually brings healing to us, and through us all,
we have reason to hope, celebrate, and rejoice.

Praise be to God! Amen!

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