Monday, March 2, 2009

The Emergent Church is helping the Church Emerge

The Christian Church has been emerging for 2,000 years. It is constantly changing. But every 400-500 years there comes a time that's not just evolutionary, but revolutionary. These special times bring big changes to the Church. There is no doubt that postmodernity is bringing about one of those revolutionary times in the Church. One group of people who are focusing on doing ministry from a postmodern perspective is the Emergent Church. They are a gathering of peoples and cohorts from around the USA and world who are exploring new expressions of the Church. The following links go to vidoes that are especially helpful in exploring how the Emergent Church is helping the worldwide Church find ways to be more relevant and effective in the postmodern world.

Peter Rollins explains the Emergent Church on Inner Compass

Rollins on the importance of wrestling with ideas over adhering to correct doctrine: "What's important is not to have the 'right' point of view, but the fact that you're engaged in a dialogue...God is more wonderful than anyone could ever describe."

Phyllis Tickle and Peter Rollins discuss the postmodern condition of the Emergent Church

Rollins on the “donut structure” of church: “I love the idea of a community that has no center. The center is voided. The center is where God is. And we practice relational tithing and relational pastoring...We call this the idea that the role of the leader is to refuse to be a leader, so as to push back and get a priesthood of all believers.”

Phyllis Tickle and Peter Rollins discuss the worldwide Emergent Church

Rollins on the change he sees around the world: "Without even realizing it we were experiencing the same conditions and exploring the same thinking...Christianity is more of a wrestling and a journey and a transformation - and not about trying to nail down some correct answer."

Phyllis Tickle and Peter Rollins discuss the impact of postmodernity on traditional Churches

Rollins on the impact of Emergence: "This is a message to the whole Church, not to little segments of the Church...The point is not to return to some pure Church of the past. The point is to return to the event that gave birth to the early Church."

PBS special on the Emergent Church

Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Brian McLaren, and others discuss the theology, ministry, and spirit of the Emergent Church. McLaren, describing the participatory nature of worship, says: "It's not just about sitting in a pew and enduring 50 or 70 miniutes of observing something happening. It's saying I want to expereince God."

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