Monday, October 27, 2008

The Fall

The bluffs are ablaze in color

Vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and greens

Moving and swaying with the wind

The colors rise joyously to the sky

And then stretch back down blissfully to the river below

Mother Nature is really showing off now

Every scene a postcard, a painting, a fresco

But so much more than that

Beatific, stunning, and brilliant

Yet still so much more

A reminder of the sacredness of life


Yet this season of beauty

Is a descent into death

The frigid tree prepares for its winter slumber

By shedding part of its own life

Not in fear

But in joy

Organic fireworks being released

To celebrate the natural cycle of life

Not a dour moment at this funeral

It’s party time for leaf and tree alike

Call it nature’s “Dia de los Muertos”

Celebrating lives well lived

And lives to come


Bitter cold turns to familiar warmth

Death begets life

Let the trees teach us to celebrate

And let their fireworks shine

Friday, October 24, 2008

Psalm 23

The Spirit is my guide, so I have everything I need.

She helps me to find peace in nature;

She leads me to the stillness of smooth streams;

She empowers the essence and soul of my life.

She beckons me to the best paths along life’s journey, so I may know her goodness.

Even though life has injustices and pain, I do not fear their power over me;

for Her abiding presence is within and around me;

and Her guidance and support gives me comfort.

She welcomes me with life-giving food and many other signs of Her lavish hospitality,

at all times, but especially when I need them most.

Surely my whole life will be embraced by peace and loving-kindness,

and I will live forever in the presence of the Spirit.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Exodus 24

On a mountain, a burning bush

A dancing flame

Warmly illuminating Earth

Wild fire that did not destroy

Blazing with gentle radiance

Giving light to Earth

Inferno of loving-kindness

Speaking God’s wisdom

Gentle brilliance

Demonstrating God’s abiding presence

Words cannot explain the feeling

Bliss, joy, excitement, euphoria, praise

Love, laughter, peace, contentment, shalom

Yes, these words and so much more

All from being in the company of the Eternal One

Moses got to climb that mountain

And a crowd went with him

They felt and saw it all

They felt and saw God

Communal Pentecost

Collaborative holiness

In awe they ate and drank among friends, among God

The bread sustaining life

The wine celebrating life

Together they shared a meal

Together they beheld God

Together we are invited to do the same

The fire is lit

Prepare the meal

A Blank Page

A blank page

A simple empty sheet

No marks yet emerging

No words or concepts

No jokes or philosophies

But think of the possibilities

All the great works began like this

A blank page gave birth to Torah

A blank page gave birth to Gospel

A blank page gave birth to Walden

A plank page gave birth to countless love letters

A blank page gave birth to my fifth grade report card

A blank page gave birth to the script of The Color Purple

A blank page gave birth to the Earth Charter

A blank page gave birth to my spouse’s birth certificate

A blank page gave birth to Canon in D

A blank page no longer seems so simple

It holds infinite possibility

When you see a blank page

When you sit behind a blank page

Be aware of the power of a few swishes, hashes, marks, and dashes

Be opened to the inspiration of the divine

Be ready for the magic that might leave you spellbound

A blank page is a universe in waiting


Whereas once the sound of wind

was actually just highway noise,

no longer.

The sound of wind is a million

leaves dancing in the warmth as

ancient ocean currents slide

past them, then slow, and subside

and my gentle rocking slows

so that the even creak of the

boards beneath my old chair is


and I breathe in particles of

sunlight and grass, of fallen

leaves and rich soil, of pine

sap and yellow pollen and

once again of the ever-beckoning


My eyes close and then all there is,

in all existence, is the warm glow of

a sun heavy in a golden sky.

There is warmth, on my face, on

my knuckles which now are

able to release their grip and

touch the soft air enveloping them.

The honest wind whispers again and

brings me home.