Saturday, December 6, 2008

UCC Presidents

Wagner and Hoskins, two peas in a pod,
More than mere mortals and yet, not quite gods –
Leading the way for the new UCC,
As they proudly accepted the presidency.

Wagner, the product of Lancaster Sem.,
Eden students may say, "Oh, he’s one of them."
A pastor, professor, and one not conforming,
Said, “The Church is Reformed, but also reforming.”

Hoskins, the prophet in troublesome times,
Was better at preaching than I am at rhymes.
Many hours he spent on the new Constitution,
To the Church it would be a “superb contribution.”

Mr. Ben Herbster would take over next,
And the bigots and hypocrites would soon be perplexed
At the justice and freedom this man would promote
Through his words and his lifestyle, and also his vote.

From North Carolina hailed Bob Moss the Second,
Touting “hope for the world,” like Obama, I reckon.
He established the Committee on Structural Planning,
Which developed Offices of the Church, now expanding.

Joseph H. Evans would succeed Robert Moss,
And for only two years was Evans the boss.
A strong UCC leader throughout his career,
Where he went, he brought comfort, and calmed many fears.

A vigorous pastor from the wintry Northeast,
Avery Post condemned racism; he stood for peace.
Women’s issues and leadership – he thought these were key,
And he also spoke out ‘gainst the dreaded I.R.D.

The scholar, Paul Sherry, served our own UCC,
Speaking out for the rights of the GLBT.
He since has retired, but sure isn’t bored,
He’s stayed active enough to win his own award.

And those are the UCC’s brightest and best,
Excluding those present, to which I must attest.
Maybe someday your name will be listed with theirs
And then more students will be asked to care.

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