Saturday, December 13, 2008

Psalm 133

How very good and pleasant it is
When all the members of the family live together in unity

It is like a lavish, home-cooked meal
Prepared by your parents
Welcoming you home
After you’ve been away for a long time

It is like a stunningly beautiful sunset
On your favorite beech
At which you’ve arrived
Just in time to catch the sacredness of the moment

It is like seeing a baby smile
And hearing a baby giggle
And the rest of the world fades away
As you bask in the sheer joy of the child

It is like a mountain-fed stream
With water from melting snow
And water from several springs
That provides continuous water to a village below

For the Eternal wills and invites us to enjoy these blessings
For life evermore in God’s global siblinghood

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